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Formulations by Dr Vincent Giampapa


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AM&PM Essentials

AM & PM Essentials

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Finiti telomerase research with TA-65

Finiti - Telomeres and telomerase activation with TA-65




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Resveratrol | Coenzyme Q 10 | L-Carnitine | Telomere length and disease & aging | The Science of Aging - Dr Giampapa |


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Age Reversal at the Cells now possible

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Maintain Your Vital Body Functions as You Pass 50 years of Age and Beyond

Latest, Ground breaking Scientific Information is Now Available to you on the Science of Aging - And What You can Do about it. The real Possibilities of REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS.

DNA Damage - affects cell duplication

Telomeres Shortening (in the genes)

Stem Cell Pool Diminishing

What Medical Experts Say

DNA Damage Telomeres Stem cells Medical experts
DNA damage is root cause to breakdown of the functioning of the cells in our body. Its like the photo-copying machine spewing out copies (cell duplication). After many copies, the duplicates lose information that the master copy has.. Telomeres Shortening: Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect it, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. As the cell replicates, the telomeres shorten. Shortened telomeres in cells are associated with shorter life, and diseases. Stem cells pool: Your pool of Stem cells will generally diminish with age related damage. Read what Medical professionals, including Nobel Prize winners, Medical Authors for textbooks and others say about Longevity

Jeunesse range


Jeunesse Global is a solid, experienced company. Jeunesse is leading with a category creating flagship product, Luminesce, Reserve, and AM-PM essentials

Multi-vitamin-mineral-latest-anti-aging combination.

luminesce serum
Reserve and box
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Products developed by Experts in the Anti-Aging, Stem Cells and Beauty

The Jeunesse Global Products serves you - from the outside (apply to your skin), and from the inside (consumption). They are safe and from proven ingredients.

The Science and Mechanism of Aging has been explained. Scientists explains that telomeres are the caps of choromosmes. Some 8,000 scientific studies directly relate shortened or broken telomeres to the aging process.

Dr Vincent Giampapa

Dr Vincent Giampapa

Dr Vincent Giampapa

Dr Giampapa is the Medical Advisor and the Medical Spokesman for Jeunesse Global. He is a pioneer in Anti-aging. We are honored that he has recently in June 2014 been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Anti Aging research. A vetren Dr Vincent was the First President of the AAAAM (the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

He has authored six books on age management, including the first and only medical textbook on anti-aging medicine titled The Principles and Practice of Anti-Aging Medicine for the Aesthetic Surgeon and Physician.

Dr. Giampapa headed the development for AM & PM Essentials, the first supplement designed to combat premature aging both day and night. Jeunesse's groundbreaking anti-aging supplement, it effectively delays the symptoms of aging and helps regulate mental focus and restful sleep.

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Dr Nathan Newman

Dr Nathan Newman

Dr Nathan Newman

Clinician Dr Nathan Newman who is on the leading edge of Body and Cosmetic health, who created the Luminesce Range of products which is based on stem cell technology that he researched for his clinical practice in Beverly Hills. He has appeared in numerous TV shows which featured his technology - without using the knife, laser or Botox.

His meeting with Jeunesse Global's founder Wendy Lewis & Randy Ray in 2009 was the beginning of the great partnership. Randy was in pain because of his knee problem and he was looking for a solution when President Barack Obama signed legislation legalizing stem cell research in March 2009. The two men met, and not only was Randy's knee was freed from pain, but the amazing technology that Dr Newman had was launched world-wide.

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This company & this opportunity are perfectly positioned in front of a massive trend of an aging population wanting to improve and preserve youthfulness.

Jeunesse is company is a Multi Level Marketing company located in Florida, USA.


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